upcoming events:

‘Ways of Being Together’, directed by Jo Fong
Final performance of Cardiff Dance Festival 2017
Sunday 19th November 6pm, at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
BSL interpretation by Julie Doyle

on stage


‘RAFT’ by Gwyn Emberton Dance Production, directed by Gwyn Emberton, Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon and The Riverfront, Newport, character: a Local


Research & Development project on ‘Elisa – Save her Skin!’, funded by the Arts Council of Wales, with a presentation of the findings at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff



‘4:33’ by John Cage, Clear Cut 5, Cardiff


‘One7’ by John Cage, Cardiff Poetry Experiment

Adapting ‘Elisa’s Skin’ (the english translation of ‘La Peau d’Élisa) into ‘Elisa – Save her Skin!’


‘Four6’ by John Cage, Butetown History & Arts Centre, Cardiff


‘Who’s there?’, directed by: Monster-Truck, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Singing on demonstration for unconditional basic income with Bernadette la Hengst, on 14.09.2013 in front of the Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin

‘Nueva Marinaleda’, directed by: Ernesto Collado, Festival ‘Foreign Affairs’, a production of the fundación Collado-Van Hoestenberghe, Pontós, character: singer, Berliner Festspiele

‘Unconditional Basic Income Singing’, directed by: Bernadette La Hengst, character: singer, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Campiello’, by Peter Turrini, character: Gasparina, und Handpuppenspiel, Berlin


‘Europera 3’, by John Cage, directed by: Alwe Kaisery, character: singer and the seven deadly sins, HAU1 , Berlin

Mime ‘Mourners’, directed by: Bernd Hahnke, character: widow, gravedigger, Berlin

‘Der tollste Tag’, by Peter Turrini, character: Countess Almaviva, Berlin


‘Because I couldn’t find the food I liked’, based on the novel ‘a hungerartist’ by Kafka and the poem ‘the panther’ by Rilke with texts from Ludwig Wittgenstein, Judith E. Wilson Studio, Cambridge

‘Henry IV’, based on the play by William Shakespeare, character: Welsh Woman, Görlitzer Park, Berlin

‘Pimp’, character: Tatjana, Berlin

‘Wer ist Hugo?’, character: Annemarie Weber, Berlin



‘Benutzt’, directed by Katalin Sofalvi, character: usher, Tiyatrom, Berlin

‘..und das ist alles?’, directed by Magz Barrawasser, character: clerk, Tiyatrom, Berlin

‘Der kleine Wolf’, collaboration, character: littel elefant and a monkey, Potsdam

‘Where the Wild Things Are’, character: a Wild Thing, seagull, wave and tree, Tübingen


‘Romeo and Juliet’, character: Mercutio, Tübingen


‘Die Affenbande’, character: little monkey, Veli Lošinj/Croatia

on screen


‘A hologram for the king’ (cine film), directed by: Tom Tykwer, character: guest at party


Scene from ‘The Birth’ (dffb-short movie), directed by: Khaled Mzher, character: Layla


‘Einsichten’ (public awareness film about domestic violence), directed by: Tom Weller, character: Sam


‘Masks’ (cine film), directed by: Andreas Marshall, character: fan




‘Geschlecht im Spiel’, character: speech at transPride Berlin